About The Products

Ascher Racing products sit at the pinnacle of sim racing wheels.

With unrivalled build quality, incredible responsiveness, wide-ranging functionality and ergonomic design, all six product options deliver control and comfort in equal measure.

The two Formula-style, closed-grip F-Series wheels provide a plethora of programmable control options, allowing you to tailor your in-race experience. If you want the flexibility of using your preferred off-the-shelf racing wheel, then the B16M and B16L models allow you to do just that.

The difference between these two models is compatibility with wheel spoke patterns, due to the spacing between the buttons: the B16M supports wheels with larger (deeper) spokes; the B16L narrower spokes. See the relevant product pages for a full compatibility list.

Ascher Racing wheels are available as either Simucube Wireless Wheels™ for a cable-free, wireless environment, or as hard-wired versions using included heavy duty USB cables for complete connectivity reassurance. All wheels can be fitted with commercial quick release brackets for a further level of practicality and immersion.

The range also includes accessories (spare cables and decals sets) and separate paddle-shift units suitable for both sim racing and real-world use.


Check out the video below with Professional Racing Driver Dan Cammish explaining the range of Ascher Racing Wheels.