Ascher Racing McLaren Artura PRO-SC

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Experience the thrill of racing like never before with the McLaren Artura Pro-SC wheel by Ascher Racing. This exceptional product brings the realms of real and virtual racing together in perfect harmony, delivering the ultimate in authenticity and performance.

Official McLaren Collaboration: The McLaren Artura Pro-SC wheel is an official collaboration with McLaren, ensuring that every detail is true to the real-world McLaren Artura GT4 steering wheel. You'll find many of the same components here, bringing the racetrack to your fingertips.

Zero-Latency Precision: With the officially licensed Simucube Wireless Wheel System™, setup is a breeze, and you'll enjoy consistent millisecond-range response times, guaranteeing zero latency during the most intense races. Configuration is seamless with SimHub.

Unparalleled Precision: The Artura Pro-SC wheel features Ascher Racing's innovative Gen 6 magnetic and silenced paddles, delivering precision feedback like never before. Equipped with three pairs of paddles, including two with gearshift snap action and a set of progressive clutch paddles, this wheel ensures you have the perfect setup. Damped rubber stops and pre-loaded ball bearings eliminate play, while premium contactless hall switches guarantee reliability. You can even swap the dual shifter paddles for a single unit if desired.

Crafted for Excellence: The Artura Pro-SC's body is expertly machined from automotive-grade aluminium, black anodized, and laser engraved, ensuring both durability and a sleek look. With its closed ergonomic design and sweat-proof rubberized handles, this wheel is your perfect companion for long racing sessions.

Limitless Control: With over 100 programmable inputs, including 14 buttons, four thumb encoders, multifunctional seven-way joysticks, and 12-position rotary switches, you have complete control at your fingertips. The high-quality RGB illuminated automotive push buttons offer tactile feedback and can be individually customised. Each button comes with included laser-labelled custom caps featuring standard motorsport icons, making customisation a breeze.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your racing experience to new heights with the McLaren Artura Pro-SC wheel. Order now and transform your virtual races into authentic adventures!


  • 300 mm wheel diameter
  • 6 x 70 mm bolt pattern
  • M5 x 12 mm stainless screws to mount QR included
  • Quick Release not included
  • Mass: 1,520 g
  • Dimension: 295/157.5/101.8 mm